Food safe substance that glows - No blacklight please

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Hello. I'm wondering if there is any kind of food safe substance that could be added to a liquid that would actually cause it to glow without the aid of a blacklight. Googling seems to bring up every tom dick and harry who have tried tonic water and a blacklight, or someone who wants to jam a broken glowstick or highlighter in water, but that's not food safe.

Any thoughts there? I guess what I'm looking for might be related to bioluminescent?
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I remember the begining of El Bulli had something like this. If i recall correctly, it was some sort of lollipop made with gelatin from a fish that had bioluminesent properties.
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A South African Lobster Tail will glow if left out for a day or too ,I believe its the phosphoresce content that does it
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Thank the lobster tail might not help but that gelatin may. Any other suggestions are welcome
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You need to contact Paul Wedgwood. He's the only who has done it. I mean edible glow paint that won't make you sick. Add it to water a presto.

He's probably at his restaurant in Edingurgh 
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I had a Wildlife Marshall pull a badge on me once asking about glowfish lolz. I missed the memo they were illegal apparantly.

There has to be a way! Im posting mainly tk get notices haha but maybe this will help;

Glowfish at the time were genetically engineered with a jellyfish dna??? In not real sure bout them fish anymore.if they are allowed by the powers that be maybe you can use them or something of the sort.
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