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Past 12 years living and working in Guangzhou city China


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Gi into Facebook and join ChefTalk. I think you'll find more of what you're looking for that old School is still in session......Take care.......Bill
Hey Phaedrus, I recall some years ago you mentioned seeing BDL on some blog site called something like Barista. com , but that doesn't seemed to be the right site. What was the actual name please. Thanks

I believe the world is a better place when functional things are also beautiful
Hi All,
Searching for ideas on how to do a salad bar during these Covid 19 times,
I am at a small Yacht club so it's private members only .i would like to get creative with bringing back the salad bar and ideas from others on what they might be implementing would be great .
So far thinking about pre packaging and self serve but then there is the cost. and waste of containers .
Hi All
In searching for an answer I found the following articles
Thought I would share the following 07A8FA43-7F1A-4587-8087-8059482FE8BD.jpeg
thomas fontaine
Hello Beekeeper ;-)
Is this a useful idea: make all kinds of small bowls with toppings that diners can put together to suit their mood?
Kinds of bento, with a base of bowls or jars (jam jars type) which contain elements (greenery, starches, proteins, nuts, sauce, ...)
Currently riding out covid 19 while we’re closed for the season. Hopefully some normality come mid next year!
L'uovo vulcanico
L'uovo vulcanico
Hey, welcome aboard!

You aren't just kidding there. I can't wait for the crazy to end... I don't think it will for a while yet, and I understand why, but man, this is getting old.
Yeah it’s been tough. My entire working career has been a grind and as soon as i was running a restaurant on my own as the chef and manager everything got shut down. I’m now worried we won’t reopen and my career as a chef is over...can’t imagine having to start over and grind my way up from the bottom again. Impressed by those who’ve endured
Thx Halb for your response ; I nudged her saying no contract no party and she did send it . And is going to pay me remaining balance a head of time with approx labor.
I am going to fine tune my contract so that it is iron clad and precise.
Thanks again.
La Jolie Chef
Hey chef im opening up a burger food truck and was reading forums and see you also have a burger food truck, id like to pick your brain please PM me thanks!
I am a small caterer in Glendale Arizona. Providing corporate or private service. Check us out;
I am a small caterer in Glendale Arizona available to provide full/drop off service to corporations & private events.
Not sure where you're located but we will have a dishwasher/cook's helper job available for the summer season in Big Sur, California.
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