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Thx Halb for your response ; I nudged her saying no contract no party and she did send it . And is going to pay me remaining balance a head of time with approx labor.
I am going to fine tune my contract so that it is iron clad and precise.
Thanks again.
La Jolie Chef
Hey chef im opening up a burger food truck and was reading forums and see you also have a burger food truck, id like to pick your brain please PM me thanks!
I am a small caterer in Glendale Arizona. Providing corporate or private service. Check us out;
I am a small caterer in Glendale Arizona available to provide full/drop off service to corporations & private events.
Not sure where you're located but we will have a dishwasher/cook's helper job available for the summer season in Big Sur, California.
Iceman, I've just noticed you haven't been around for a while. I know you've had some medical issues, hope you are doing well.

LOL. Thank you for your concern. I'm here and I'm fine. I had a little issue with/about some noise I got from Nicko about some of my posts. I just decided to go find somewhere else to play. It's NO big deal.

Seasons Greetings ... Happy New Year.
Peace and Love to You and Yours.
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