Zucchini Recipes

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Everyone is getting sick of zucchini around here. Anyone got any new and unique recipe ideas?
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pickled, deep fried, mixed in meatloaf, grilled with bacon bits (real bacon bits), or just make vege stock out if. new and unique probably not...but its a start.
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1. Parboil, then slice longways, remove seeds to create "boats".

cook up a "stuffing with ground meat, rice, diced potatoes, bell peppers, whatever you enjoy and then "stuff" the boats, top with your favorite cheese, pop into a pre-heated oven to bring up to serving temp and melt the cheese.

2. Cut into, oh, 2" lengths and core (an apple corer works well), stuff with your favorite mixture, place in a baking dish and nape with your favorite tomato/spaghetti/pizza sauce, bake in pre-heated oven until done.
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There's a current thread that Siduri started, http://www.cheftalk.com/forum/thread/60779/zucchini-zucchine-what-to-do-with-them  with a bunch of uses.

Plus, if you use our search function there are several interesting hits on past threads.

One fun use that nobody seems to have mentioned is to use the zucchini to create shooters.

Cut the zucchini into pieces about 2" long. Hollow them out, leaving about a quarter inch bottom. Fill with regular or white gazpacho or other cold soup. Or even make mini-bloody Mary's that way.

For a prettier presentation, partially peel the zukes so there are alternating dark green and white stripes. If you're really ambitious, do that on an angle instead of straight up and down.
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