Zero-calorie ice-cream/Milk substitutes?

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I read a blog post ( by someone from a dessert company Vedablu, where they mention zero-calorie ice-cream. The post says:
I don't understand how that's possible however, since ice cream requires milk.

How would this be possible? Is there perhaps some sort of milk substitute that could be used during the making of the ice cream?
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And totally nonedible. :mad: It has no claim to the name food, let alone ice cream.

Why on earth would anyone want to eat stuff like that? I remember being served nondairy "ice cream" when I was a kid. We referred to it as "frozen Spry" (Spry is the equivalent of Crisco -- vegetable shortening). It was disgusting.

If you don't want the calories from ice cream, don't eat it. Period.


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There is a legal standard of identity for ice cream. One of the criteria is that it must contain at least 10% fat.
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Interesting, had no idea there was such a thing. Let's call it an "ice cream wannabe" then :)
You mean with something like soy milk or soy/non-dairy creamer? Those would still have a similar level of calories as milk I think, maybe only 1/3 or so less calories.
Whether it would taste like crap, I don't know, but I'm certainly curious to know about how this would be possible. Because I can't understand how it might be.
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