Zabaglione with Vin Santo

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    Zabaglione with Vin Santo ...

    6 servings.

    By. Margcata


    5 egg yolks

    5 tblsps. sugar

    1 third cup Vin Santo ... Antinori, Avigonesi or Barbi Brand work best or Marsala Biscotti

    1. Using portable electric mixer or whisk, beat the yolks and sugar in large metal bowl until thick and pale banana yellow in color.

    2. Set bowl over a saucepan of simmering water.

    3. Gradually beat in wine. Continue beating until foaming and it has tripled in volume which takes about 4 minutes.

    4. Spoon the warmed Zabaglione into Martini Goblets and serve with Biscotti and Espresso. To top it off, serve a snifter of Grappa, Sambuca or Anisette.