YouTube Favourites...Yours?


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No favorites here.

Most recent use was to give my daughter some introductory lessons on the harmonica. She thinks it's interesting right now and that's a free and easy way to learn some basics about the harmonica.
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Love it! I'll have to think awhile to come up with my own, but thanks for the entertainment. :roll:
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Well, wasnt that just fabulous?. And that huge helping of cheese really made it eh?

pardon the sarcasm DC. It made me giggle. The first scene reminded me of my husband, when he takes on that " please dont" look when I think of something funny I want to share in company... He's very reserved and I do worry him sometimes.
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Youtube is needs to come with a warning :D

Good links Bake & Nicko, The bartender is hilarious, and knowing of David Blaine, that one was so good!

I'm sure there's millions out there, and more every day

P.S. Need a good laugh today...try this:

YouTube - Do You Know Jack Schitt
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Gunnar - that is incredible was laughing the proverbials off. Thank your wife very much for that :D

What an amazing effort.
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Gunnar, shared your sheep commercial with a local shepardess....she said they musta not had a whole lot to do that night.

David Blaine was a hoot

there was a Danish beer commercial that the more the guy drank the prettier the plain girl was a hoot.

Youtube has incredible concerts from years past.....Melissa Etheridge at Kodak
YouTube - Melissa Etheridge - I'm The Only One: Live at the Kodak Theatre - PCM Stereo Mix

Or at Janis Joplin Event....joss stone was ok, but Melissa even going through chemo ROCKED IT
YouTube - Felliken - Janis Joplin Tribute
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teamfat...that beer ad is fantastic...I'd like to meet the maker of that one, but not sure I'd want to be inside their head hehe. The kitty praying ad also the best car ever tickled me pink :)
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Those wild and crazy Animals.....they seem so straight laced, not moving much.....the words just don't match their movements.
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