Your thoughts on dual oven ranges

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I've been eyeballing these for an upgrade at home. I like the concept of have two ovens in a standalone range as I don't have the room for wall ovens.  Just wondering how well they worked.

Also, all of them I've seen have smooth glass tops. I know they aren't as good as gas but are they doable?




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If you get an induction top, you'll be quite happy though you might have to get new  pans for compatibility. I'm no brand wonk but I've not heard anything negative about the dual oven concept itself.


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There was a recent discussion about this topic on the GardenWeb forum.  A bunch of people with the GE Profile electric double oven ranges are really happy with them.  I personally have the Electrolux induction range with the double ovens, and while the induction top is great, the ovens are awful with huge temperature fluctuations, and I wouldn't recommend this.
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I would caution you to make sure that the oven cavity is large enough.  You didn't mention what type you're looking at.  I've seen some that have a larger and a smaller oven.  However, the big question remains as to whether either oven is large enough for your largest item.  We purchased convection oven and one of my pizza pans no longer fit.  Fortunately, a quick bend with some pliers and I was back in business (the pan, not the oven).  However, we currently have a 20+ year old Jenn Aire with what seems to be about a 2/3 size oven.  It's bordering on useless -- fortunately, it came with the house so it's not ours forever. 
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