Your thawing habits~

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Hi everyone!

We’re students studying Product Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Now, we’re doing our final year product on designing a thawing tool to help defrosting food quicker and easier.

As our product is targeted in the foreign market, we would like to collect some information about your cooking and thawing habits. May you kindly spare a few minutes to finish the questionnaire?? There’re only 10 questions~

Here’s the link:


1. Age?

<20/ 21-30/ 31-40/ 41-50/ >50

2. Marital status?

Not married/ Married with children/ Married with children

3. Occupation?

Staying home/ Working/ Studying/ Others

4. How often do you usually cook every week?

Never/ Once/ 2-3 times/ 4-6 times/ Everyday

5.How often do you usually cook frozen seafood/meat?

Never/ Seldom/ Sometimes/ Always/ Every meal

6.What kind(s) of frozen food would you cook?

Chicken/ Chicken wings or thighs/ Turkey/ Steak/ Fish/ Other seafood (E.g prawns/lobsters/ scallops)/ Vegetables/ Desserts or cakes or baked food/ Fruits/ Others (please specify)

7.What method(s) do you usually use to thaw meat?

In stagnant water/ Under running water/ In refrigerator (0-4℃)/ Microwave/ Room temperature/ Others (please specify)

8.Please rate your satisfaction with your existing thawing method.
(Very dissatisfied/ Dissatisfied/ Neutral/ Satisfied/ Very satisfied)
- Speed
- Convenience
- Hygiene
- Environmental friendliness

9 How long will you see as the acceptable thawing time for the following frozen food? (<5mins/ 5-15mins/ 15-30mins/ 30-45mins/ 45-60 mins/ 1-1.5hrs/ 1.5-2hrs/ >2hrs)

- Whole chicken (1.5kg)
- Steak (6 ozs)
- Fish (6x16x2 cm)
- Prawns (10 pcs)

10. Do you have other difficulties or comments aboutdefrosting food?
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Question #7 is unique.

The best way to defrost is in the refrigerator, overnight which is also what the health inspectors tell you to do.    

In a hurry, you can use the microwave, but I see no need for another gadget specifially to defrost items
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