Your Take on "Breakfast Potatoes", Country Fries?

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This one is easy for the Pros.

We love breakfast here especially on the weekends. How do you do your potatoes for Breakfast?
Country Fries, Hash Browns, Fried Potatoes?  Please also share your methods.

I have tried to cook hash browns from scratch, I'm sure if I put a bit of learning effort I could find the correct procedures, but it is a lot of work.  Because this is easy and quick,  I pan fry washed cubed potatoes skin on.

non-stick frying pan, enough butter for the amount of potatoes your cooking (no oil)
• While the butter is melting I season the butter with Johnny Garlic Spread Seasoning,
• Add potatoes, Season with Montreal Steak seasoning (not a lot) (I have some I have ground to a finer grind), fresh ground blk pepper, kosher salt, more Garlic Seasoning,a bit of Italian seasoning, then enough Emeril's Essence to coat the surface of the potatoes with red spotty color.  Toss the pan a few times.
• Cook a few minutes and toss, you want at least 2 side or more of each potato cube crisp
• As potatoes get crisp and tender, taste and adjust the seasoning.  (You want a bit spicy but not overly spiced).
• Garnish with some chopped parsley.

Avg cook time 25 minutes.

When eating you know the seasoning is right when the spices are still lightly dancing in your mouth, again not strong.

• when serving a few dashes of Parmesan cheese
• or with paper towel grease a pan with butter (very ver thin coat), add fried potatoes to pan 1 layer deep add fresh grade cheddar or montrey or 50/50 and some parmesan, another layer more cheese top with cheese. Oven 300º cook until cheese is melted.

Thats right no onion, just potatoes and seasoning.  I want to taste a fried potato with a bit of crispness and some earthy seasoning.

Now just top with two Eggs over easy, some sausage or bacon on the side, and that runny yoke over and  through the taters,  yum, yum, yum.

Why no onion?  When growing up my dad would make fried potatoes, they were usually not cooked enough and always had onions, all I could ever taste was the onions, and it wasn't pleasant.  The last thing my dad every cooked for me was fried potatoes and eggs before we went fishing, and the potatoes were thick with onions.
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i like making those kind of  potatoes that you have pictured home fries. i made them before by cooking the potato and then cutting in cubes and then cooking them with some bacon, onion and peppers, garlic and seasoning salt or just salt and pepper. also like adding ham or turkey and cheese aswell. goes well with my surge burger
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Home fries are by far my favorite part of breakfast.  I'm famous for my home fries amongst friends and family.

- Red skinned potatoes in 1cm cubes (skin on)
- 1 red onion sliced
- 1 green or red (or both) pepper cut into similar slices as the onion
- handful of cremini mushrooms quartered
- salt/pepper
- oregano
- olive oil

1. Place the potatoes in a microwave safe bowl and add water.  Microwave for 10 minutes or until potatoes are cooked through.  Drain and set aside.
2. Sweat the onion, peppers, and mushrooms slightly in a generous amount of olive oil.
3. Add the potatoes and oregano, season, and leave on medium low heat.
4. They're ready when the potatoes are golden.

No cheese, I don't prefer it but it's certainly possible.  And sometimes I add a little crushed red pepper flakes to the onions and peppers when they're sauteeing.


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Often with pre-cooked potatoes. This morning I used a left over baked potato. And I like some oneion in mine.

If I'm making it from scratch, I cube the potatoes and put them in water. Bring to a boil, drain then into a cast iron pan with some melted butter or bacon fat. Salt and pepper, onion, maybe some dry adobo seasoning.

The pre-cooking tweaks the starchy exterior so it crusts nicely without drying out interior. Saves some time too.
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We love breakfast and potatoes to!  However I have to admit that we buy our hash browns frozen!  But your recipes are so mouth watering! 
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For home fries, cottage fries, country potatoes or whatever you wish to call them precooked potatoes are the way to go.  Best is if they were baked or boiled the night before and sat in the fridge for a while.  But just parboiled for a bit or microwaved that morning is better than starting with raw product.

Hash browns I use uncooked potatoes, usually russets.  Lots of rinsing and soaking in cold water to get some of the starch off so they turn out crisp and not gluey.  And as I mentioned in another thread about fat I fry them in rendered beef fat when I have it.  Duck fat maybe once a year, bacon fat often, but usually plain old veggie oil.

Always onion involved, sometimes bell pepper if handy.  A decent dose of salt and a healthy grind of pepper.

Hmmm, 1 am here in Salt Lake, I should probably go to bed for a while before I fix breakfast.  Oh well.

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I do them similar to Koukou...

cubed redskin potatoes nuked in water in the microwave for 10 minutes; meanwhile, saute minced onion, garlic, basil, oregano, and some roasted red pepper seasoning in a pan with a bit of butter.  Mix equal parts butter, bacon fat, and olive oil in a seperate pan and heat through until all is melted.

Drain and dry potatoes.  Toss in the fats mixture.  Spread on a cookie sheet (I use a shallow hotel/steam table pan) and season.

Pop in the oven for 10 minutes @ 500o

Remove from oven (carefully, 'cause its pretty dang hot), toss with saute mixture, back into the oven @ 350o for another 10 minutes, and then serve. 

They come out nice a crispy brown on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and a lovely savoury flavour that tastes yummy dipped in sunny eggs.
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