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I just got off of and ordered your oregon trail cookbook under Whipple. I had forgotten your other last name until recently and was very glad they had it to offer now that it's not in print anymore. I hope that others have had a great deal of fun using this cookbook and welcome any replys anyone might have as to the good turnout they have had making some of those recipes. As for your current cookbook L&C I am trying to talk my husband into ordering some buffalo for me to try. (he's not an adventerous guy)
I can't wait to try it. I have had buffalo burgers in Miwuk village near Sonora and they were soooo rich and flavorful that I can't wait to have the buffalo delivered.
Anyway, your forum is fun and I can't wait to come home and log on.
Have fun. Thanks for your responses :)
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Dear Coleen,

We have houseguests this weekend that drove in last night from Oregon. I had a huge pot of Buffalo Stew with Suet Dumplings simmering on the stove when they arrived and it was delicious. Thank goodness I doubled the recipe because everyone had thirds! The stew, a salad, and strawberry shortcake (and several bottles of wine!) was a hearty and welcoming meal. Honestly, the buffalo adds a richness that is difficult to explain. I bet the your husband might not know it was buffalo, it would just have more depth of flavor.

Let me know what you make with the buffalo.

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