Your Opinions on Bakery Equipment

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I am outfitting a new bakery facility and I would like some opinions on equipment. This will be a fairly high volume artisan facility - everything from scratch. I would love to hear your thoughts on the following questions:

1. Good brand names on deck ovens? I was thinking Bongard.

2. Convections ovens - rack or standard? My boss has a resaurant background, so he advocates those lame Montague convection ovens. Good Brands?

3. Tell me good vendors for equipment

4. Proofer/Retarders

5. Sheeters

6. Any thoughts on doing most production in a deck oven - like pies, croissants, danish, muffins, scones. I would prefer to get a larger deck oven and get a smaller or no convection oven.

7. What about horror stories? Equipment brands to avoid like the plague?

8. Mixers

9. Ice Cream Machines.

Thanks for the help!
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I sure like my CHICAGO METALLIC baking sheets (pans?) - the plain ones without the non-stick lining. They're heavy gauge. Now, I've been bread baking in my own kitchen for around 3 years and they've held quite well and without warpage.

As to mixers, the quality of newly manufactured KA's are suspect. I'd recommend getting something from the HOBART line of fine mixers. That's what I'll get if my Kenwood 600W 5 quart mixer ever fails, a 5 quart HOBART with a real 3 speed transmission.

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