Your ideal birthday celebration?

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Momoreg's question about birthdays (see "What does your name mean?" in the Late Night Cafe) got me thinking: what would be your favorite way to celebrate your birthday? Money is no object, time and space matter not, people you want to share the day with you will gladly attend.

I'd still want my scoop of frozen custard with hot fudge, but I'd want it in Paris. After a breakfast of coffee and pain au chocolat, Julia Child and I would wander around the markets, meander in and out of kitchens, and eat my favorite foods all day long (okay, in tiny portions). We'd end with a drive to Rouen for dinner at La Couronne, with scores of you from Chef Talk Cafe sharing the evening!

That would be one version of a perfect birthday.
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Unlimited skydives, all day long. I have spent several birthdays doing just that, but I never had enough $ for more than one per day.

After that, and a nice cool shower, I'd dress to the nines and have dinner at a fabulous NYC restaurant with my guy.
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Yours seem so perfect, I think I'd love to join Julia and you in Paris!!

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time and space no problem?...

My perfect day would be to have all my family (including those I was never fortunate enough to meet) and friends together for a wonderful feast on a Greek Isle.

Now if the love of my life that I have yet to meet should happen to join the fun; who am I to say no?

I can see the water now...
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That day would last forever. I would be in Paradise with the love of my life next to me and everyone I've ever loved (regardless of whether I met them or not) around. All of us would be laughing and everyone would be just as happy as I. In fact we would all be so ethereally happy that everyone would think that it was their own birthdays. If ever I had to name anything that I enjoyed more than sharing food, it would be sharing laughter.
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Seeing as my birthday is on May long, I think the perfect celebration would be for me and all my friends to go to a Jay's game and sit in the cheap seats and have plenty of hotdogs, pizza and beer.
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Dear Friends:

My Mother used to cook the favorite dish of every member of our family on his birthday.

It will sound silly but my favorite dish when I was a little kid was fried eggs and fried potatoes (thick sliced) in olive oil. My favorite topping for my fries was the creme of fresh milk (taken from the top of the bucket after milking the sheep) which was also fried in olive oil. Salt and pepper was added to taste. Herbs were added based on what was in season.

My wife continues the family tradition. My taste has developed (I guess) and my favorite dish nowadays is spinach pie.
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Time and space is no problem? Then I want to go to the "Restaurant at the End of the Universe" [from the hitchhiker series] with my family and friends and watch the big bang!
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