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Hi Steven,

I noticed on your website a number of shots where you are using a Kamodo grill. Is that your go to grill? If not what is your go to grill you use the most? For me I have a web gas grill for quick grilling but I also have a neat little grill we reviewed a while back. It is the Barbecook Arena Stainless Steel Grill. Neat little grill, very portable and it has a water reservoir in the bottom the ash falls into. Also has a charcoal chimney built into it. You can read my review of it here: Barbecook Arena

Would love to hear from the rest of the ChefTalk community as well. What is your go to grill?
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My "go-to" grill, my "desert island grill" would probably be the Weber Performer--that's a 22-1/2 inch Weber kettle grill set into a work table outfitted with a propane igniter. You can grill, smoke, or barbecue on it. I have even used wood chunks in it instead of charcoal. I have developed a lot of respect for the ceramic kamado-style cookers like the Big Green Egg (I have used Viking's version as well), but I use them only occasionally. They are efficient, hold their heat well, are easy to regulate, and even do a great job of baking. You can even use them like an Indian tandoor by thrusting metal spits vertically into them. Good for making naan or pizzas, too.

The Barbegrill looks nifty. Have never cooked on one, but I'll read your review when I have a minutes. Thanks!
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