Your funniest flub up so far...

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Today I totally ephed up and it was tragic and hilarious at the same time.

We were ephin around before service and someone asked who would like to go home early today and I started jumping around waving my hands about and my phone popped out of my pocket and fell in the fryer... Cost me a few hundred bucks a few months earlier than I planed but I will remember this for a good long time. 

Any of you guys have stories similarly tragic and hilarious? 
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I once left work with the Chef's keys. I needed them to get something out of the locked pantry, and I forgot I still had them when it came time for me to leave. I was half way through my walk home when the dishwasher he sent caught up with me.
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Oh I got a good one for you.  Hahahaha ohhhhhh yes I do.

One day, I worked the morning shift from about 8-3, and then went home and slept because I was so tired.  The next day, I had to work the same shift again, and so I'd usually wake up around 6:30 or so and start work at 8.

Well... I woke up, at about 8:40.  Sun was had just begun to rise.  

I was running around everywhere freaking out throwing on my chef clothes, got in my car, flew down there, and noticed one of the other chef's car's parked in the employee lot - one that didn't even know how to do the breakfast menu, but they had to call somebody!  

So I was like "ahhh no he's gonna be so pissed!" and so I clock in quick, run up to the line, and the executive chef is standing there just pulling tickets off the printer like mad, and I'm just like "ahh they called him too???" and there were customers everywhere...

and THEN

I noticed some of the servers. 

They were the same servers that were all working the night before.  

That's when it dawned on me - it's not 8:40 in the morning... it's 8:40 at night, and the sun was going down, not coming up!!

I thought I had slept for like... 14 hours or something!

But THEN the best part about it was... they actually needed my help really bad, lol.  They were getting absolutely killed, we had run out of about half of our products, there was no saute pans left, and our dishwasher never showed up.  So the saute guy actually had to step off the line and wash his saute pans, in order to keep cooking.  We ran out of flatbread dough, pesto, regular bread, proteins that we were trying to thaw out...

The executive chef sees me, grabs me, and gives me this panicked, confused look, and he's like ".......Get on salad side tell Christian to wash dishes!!" and I'm like "shit!...okay!"  

And so I go up there, tell him to wash dishes, and guess who's in front of me.

A chef's table.  

4 customers, with a front row seat to the kitchen, watching us get pounded.  

And so I'm looking at all the tickets, trying to find out where we were, and didn't even know where to begin.  "Can't start that because we don't have this" "Can't do this because we don't have that" and so on.  

Eventually, we got through it all somehow.  I don't even remember how.  Then we all went to the back of the kitchen, passed around a bottle of red wine in and drank the whole thing in about 5 minutes, LOL.

They laughed so hard when I told them what had happened.  They said they tried calling everyone...even the staff who weren't cooks.  Just someone to help out.  I had my phone turned off.  But they got lucky! =P
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I spilled about a cup of agared up juice the other day. It seized up in mid splash, it was like watching special effects in real life. Clean up was easy. Just had to peel it off the floor, lol.
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Wrapped a perforated pan right out of the steamer with plastic wrap. That was an awesome one. Never live it down
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Anyone ever do the hot soup in the blender?

Yeah I did that one once   /img/vbsmilies/smilies/eek.gif   but at least I was home alone when I did it and the mess was clean before anyone was any the wiser...LOL
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While attending culinary school decades ago I took a part time job in a French restaurant. I worked early prep and sautee  station. We did table side service

on a lot of items especially desserts. We were close to a civic center and drew most of the personalities/preformers after show.

The waiters used to knock down the big bucks. At least a weeks pay in a night. I bothered anyone and everyone for 6 months to let me on the floor.

My chance came on Saturday night. I befriended an older French waiter and he let me run back waiter for him. Basically set up the gueridons for him and

remove plates.

Well it's around 10pm and we had done 3 tables and I was loving it because they were Frenchies regulars. Civic Center call and tells us Frank Sinatra

and friends will be in at 11.30. Frenchie and I pull Mr. Sinatras table w/ friends and a table of six, I guess some type of back up singers. All gourgeous and dressed

in the Southern Bell type of dresses. OK move on. Service went well and I seemed to have a better rapport with the girls then Frenchie. Feeling very cocky

and trying to impress, I talked Frenchie into letting me do the desserts for the girls. I had 2 stoves going on the gueridon and on the bottom shelf was all the

different brandies. Back then it was typical to do some flailing of arms while cooking and liting to give it a little show. Everything was perfect!!!.. I lit a match and flamed

both pans!!!! Girls, oooing and ahhhhing. I take the match and swipe it down to the floor to put it out.  I am sooo cool! They love the young guy!!!! The next thing,

 when I look down, I see smoke and small flames. Seems as though I had caught one of the girls dresses with all the frilly petticoats on fire. Well now I'm one the

floor slapping this poor girls dress. Bear hugging her legs so it would not spread up. Girls screaming. I am 10 feet from Mr. Sinatra.

well needless to say, I did not even show for a scheduled shift although I was probably was immediately scratched off. Never even looked up Frenchie again.

My biggest flubb.
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I was a host at a chain restaurant.

I was just coming out of my shell and learning how to talk to people, schmooze.

Two very pretty young things sat down at a table and were mildly flirting with me.

One of the servers said that they needed ketchup.  I totally got this one, yeah!

Start walking to their table with the ketchup bottle and do a quick "Tom Cruise a la Cocktail" bottle flip...

Lid was not secured.

It went everywhere.

They starting laughing.

I went in the kitchen and found side work to do for a hour.

As a cook:  same restaurant.  grabbed butter off of the line to make butter cream frosting.

Frosted all the cinnamon rolls.

Eat a cinnamon roll....  what's that weird taste?...  

Was garlic butter.

God, it feels like I see 3 of these a day, just can't think of them.

Haven't set anyone on fire though.  Yet.
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I had one similar to Pannini!

I was running a large catering op. on Long Island (Banquet Director) It was snowing out and a couple of Maitre D s" did not show. I had to do all cake cutting ceremonies. Our cakes were wheeled in flames coming out of them. The waiters wheeled it near skirted dais table and low and behold the lace caught fire,as did the bottom of the brides gown. I threw a pitcher of beer on the flames and put them ou, then waiter came over with extenguisher and used that to. Needless to say the cake was unusable(luckily we had more as we baked on premise)   told the band to start playing and get guest up to dance. They started playing  "Burning Love""(Presley) Everyone thought it was funny????
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Easter this year, at dinner service. I was working pantry, our tierra missu gets served with a espresso sauce. which happens to be on the line next to the balsamic vinegar. In a rush grabbed the wrong ladle and sent it out. Must have been quite a surprise on that first bite for the customer lol
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