Your Favorite Kitchen Smell


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Last week I received a Zojirushi Bread Maker and I have been making fresh bread quite regularly. I have to say I had forgotten how wonderful the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven is. I think it is one of my most favorite smells in the kitchen. In addition to enjoying the smell of fresh baked bread I also (oddly) love the smell of fresh cut mirepoix on my hands. I think this last smell is more about that it reminds me of my days of being in a professional kitchen. The whole thing came about as I was making chicken stock from bones we had in the freezer.

So lets have it everyone, what is your favorite kitchen smell. Great opposite topic to the (most hated kitchen smell discussion).
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 fried onion / roasting cumin seeds.

Both of which lead to my favourite kitchen aroma - Curry!!

Oddly,I do love the smell of cooking cabbage.
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My two favorite kitchen aromas are Garlic w/ olive oil and butter heating up in a pan I think I could sniff that smell all day. Followed by the scent of fresh brewing coffee, this one is more nostalgia than anything since my moms occupation for most of while I was growing up was a waitress. Her boss let her bring me in on weekend mornings to help her and others for a couple of bucks under the table by cleaning off tables, keeping stations stocked and making sure coffee pots were full at all times :) So I smell coffee it brewing it always brings a smile to my face :) Plus hey now as an adult I love coffee so its a double love for the smell /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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Probably barbecue. Real barbecue low, slow, outdoors with the smoke and the meat and spices.


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Another vote for bread baking.  Or anything with apples cooking.

Nicko, how do you like your Zojirushi?  Do you bake in it or just use it for making doughs?
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There are too many. Banana nut bread baking. Beef brisket braising (the way my mother used to make it when I was young). Gumbo being made. Perhaps the smell that brings me back to my childhood like no other is the smell of pfeffernusse in the oven.
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For me it's a very simple smell, when you heat oil in a pan and add onions or shallots. Instantaneously it smells like "someone's cooking" and.. well I just love that smell.
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A few.. cinnamon and apple, pasta sauce, curry, any kind of soup being made and freshly baked bread.
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Bread baking

Stock simmering

bacon frying

I love a good grilled cheese sandwich, but rarely make them. Except for the last few days. As soon as I finish this note, up to the kitchen to make another one, cheddar and mild green chili. The aroma of bread fried in butter to a nut brown toastiness is nice. Very nice.


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OMG, there are so many. Raw meat, fresh scallops, vanilla bean, sambayon, sofritta with rosemary, grilled N.Y. with fresh ground pepper and coarse sea salt, this list could go on forever, I'll finish with Grand Marnia, Sumbuca, espresso, orange zest, fennel, and getting the hell out of the kitchen, to smell the rose, and I forgot to mention cheeses.
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Nothing beats the smell of fresh bakers yeast doing it's work, in bread and... waffles!

The combined smell of frying garlic and oregano always make me think "Italy".
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fresh bread 

cinnamon sticks simmering (reminds me of christmas)

stew in the slow cooker
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I didn't answer on this at the time, but I wanted to come back and post because tonight I determine my very favorite kitchen aroma. I've been making stews and soups since we've had some colder weather and it is settled my favorite smell of all time in the kitchen is mirepoix and garlic sweating in butter. I think bread baking would be a close second.
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I love the smell of bacon, roasted chicken, maple, banana bread and wood smoke. I noticed that my favorite smells are the ones I remember most from my childhood.
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comon guys its gotta be garlic sauteed in olive oil...second would be a stock simmering always reminds me of matzo ball soup, third is bread being baked... I love the smell of curry also but these other smells really are my favorites.. mmm omg its 12:22 at night now i want to start cooking some more!
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fresh coffee,roasting turkey,frying onions.

I just made some oatmeal brown sugar shortbread smells buttery and wonderful.
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