Your cooking and food prep secrets ....

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Seems common sense, but it's actually a time saver to clean and prep produce all at once, preferably when you get it home (or to the kitchen if it's coming from your garden).

Blanch more than you need. 

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@kyh...very slick, gonna save my nuts with that one!

Hydro fancy lettuces (with the roots on) hold best if you slit the bag & store them in a inch of water in the chiller...we use the long 5lt icecream containers, fits about 3. The local icecream shop gives us these as they're a by-product for him...very handy for all kinds of prep!

latika sharma

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I love food; making it, reading about it, eating it. I already do a few basics, like shopping the NYC Union Square farmers' market, using fresh leafy herbs and garlic, squeezing lemon juice, cooking meat the right temperature, adding enough salt + pepper, grating Parmigiano-Reggiano, etc. Even so, my cooking still tastes a little flat and two-dimensional.

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Here is my tip for slicing button mushrooms: Use an hard-cooked egg slicer. You know those things with the thin, evenly spaced wires? Just throw the mushroom in there, push down, and you have quick, even slices of mushroom. Hard-cooked egg slicers might not be around very much in restaurant kitchens but I think most home cooks have them.
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When I buy leaf lettuce, I wash it at once in my kitchen, shake off most of the moisture and wrap it tightly in a kitchen towel. The whole thing then goes into a plastic bag. This way the lettuce keeps fresh for many days, even a week!
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 Put it in salad spinner then plastic bag with holes punched in it overnight in fridge.
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Ah yes Dave O the egg slicer works but can bruise the mushrooms, so that is not wise for mushrooms to be used fresh and uncooked. You could use a mandoline, even slices. However, I must admit I myself have used the old egg slicer trick from time to time - good tip
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