Your 2 Favorite sauces for...

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a mix of dark soy, mirin, olive oil, salt and pepper...marinate, grill. adds a great depth to the flavor of beef.

homemade bbq sauce....cause it's bbq sauce/img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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Usually just the salt, pepper and garlic and the pan juices after it gets seared, sometimes made into a reduction with some stock, or wine, a few more aromatics, butter and mushrooms may also be involved. It is simple and really tasty.

Or bearnaise. It is not so simple, and really tasty.

In general I sauce steak lightly, let the meat do the talking.

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Hi Arinjunk & Welcome to Cheftalk :)

My #1 sauce would be a cream, pepper and brandy sauce.  It compliments a rare seared sauce very nicely.

#2 Sour cream and mushroom.  Both have nice deep, rich nice flavours.

I match these with rib-eye, porterhouse, rump or T-bone.  Fillet is just way out of the budget here.  Plus it lacks flavour.  Any other steak I tend to use for oriental stir fry.  With all the associated aromatics, like garlic, ginger, onion, and other items.  Finished off with Hoi-Sin sauce or a dash of sesame oil, maybe oyster sauce.

The tougher less expensive cuts go into a stew or curry.

Oh no.  Hungry now!
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What is your favorite 2 sauces for steak, and why?

I can understand something like au Poivre or Diane, or London Broil, or even a Teriyaki as proper preparations of the meat but, to me, a steak is flavorful enough that it can sit on its' own without a sauce.
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I was thinking tri-tip from the "got beef" thread. otherwise I want au jus for my prime rib and salt and pepper for my grilled t-bone or new york strip.....maybe some sauteed mushrooms.


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My favorites

1. No sauce at all. Good steak doesn't need one.

2. compound butter, garlic, chives, pepper.
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for me the steak is a conduit for the sauces.....

mushroom...porcini works well, though morel or trumpet work....bourbon, optional stock, fresh and dried shrooms, possibly a bit of herbage...thyme, rosemary....finished with cracked pepper and butter.

onions....lots of sauted shallots, onions, scallions....

prime rib...absolutely sour cream/horseradish  side of shroom goo too please......

sometimes BBQ sauce works well, especially for a grilled steak...on the side please for dippage

Blue....for cold steak sandwiches/salad

Total heritic, but not adverse to admitting it.
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1) I love Pan seared filet with Goat cheese broiled on steaks for last two minutes of cooking and topped with Balsamic reduction sauce. I love this because its very simple, its beyond restaurant quality, and have made it so many times that I know it is good. Its a meal suited well for a elegant dinner party and doesn't keep you in the kitchen for very long. 

2) A good Au Poive sauce is an absolute favorite of mine because I love when the peppercorns burst in my mouth and the creaminess just melts over the meat without over powering the flavor of the meat. Its the perfect compliment to a nice cut of filet. 
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1) Herb butter

2) Mushroom-port reduction

As an aside, my wife and I just got back from our honeymoon in New York, and while we were there, we had the chance to dine at Peter Luger in Brooklyn. The steak sauce served there is unlike anything I've had before. Imagine a mixture of barbecue sauce and cocktail sauce, that's what it is. Much sweeter and with the addition of horseradish. It was a good sauce, but had no business being served with steak, IYAM. However, the steak itself was pure heaven on a plate.
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Another tasty option with any sort of grilled beef is a chimichurri sauce - basically olive oil, minced garlic and fresh green herb like parsley or cilantro, depending on your preferences in that area. Maybe some dried chili flakes or fresh jalapeno bits or ...

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- First; My very favorite; béarnaise!

- Second; beurre Maître d'Hôtel...  Not really a sauce, it's simply herb butter made from butter, softened at roomtemperature, chopped parcely, crushed and chopped clove of garlic, some lemonjuice and s&p. Roll in plasticfoil, put in fridge. Cut a slice off and put on your steak. Absolutely delicious, a must with BBQ, also on lamb and baked potato! Put some extra slices of butter on the table in a bowl of water with icecubes to prevent them from melting and sticking together.

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Béarnaise (and its variations like Foyot).



Why? Because meat loves them, and I respect my meat. (They also go well with some fish and fowl, making them multi-tasking sauces like Maître d').
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The best treatment I've ever had to a grilled or broiled steak was a slice of compound butter flavored with brined green peppercorns, bleu cheese, garlic and minced scallion.

I also like a mound of caramelized onions glazed with red wine. Yum. 

Maybe that's dinner tonight, but I guess I'll have to shovel a path through the ice and snow to the grill. Well worth it though.
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None and none, I let the quality beef I buy do the talking. Grass fed purchased from the farm(I get to go there and pick the cow) processed at a local butcher after aging 2 weeks.
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None and none, I let the quality beef I buy do the talking. Grass fed purchased from the farm(I get to go there and pick the cow) processed at a local butcher after aging 2 weeks.
Who slaughters the cow, is it legal for the farmer to do it since the meat is yours, not for retail. Mind if I ask what the costs are?  
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