young aspiring chef looking for insight, info, and hearty converation

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Hello fellow chefs!

My name is Brendan Moore, I am 21 and love the food i create. I am aspiring to be the best chef i can be and would appreciate any words of wisdom and/or insight into this vast art. I was raised under a mom who made dinner every night. I have been in the kitchen since i could lift a measuring spoon my mom tells me. I have a love for baking but much prefer the fast paced work of a restaurant. Before i went to school i ran a semi bakery out of house. I had a steady set of clientele and believe i produced some delicious baked goods. I have been in the industry 1 year and trained at a community college. During school i was working for a new bakery in town (Traci's Sweet Surprises Quincy, CA) as head baker and was allowed free range. After the first semester my pro chef teacher and executive chef at Longboards in Greagle, CA, ask me to work for him. Shortly after working for Longboards the bakery wasn't doing well and the owner had to cut everyone but herself to keep it open. A friend of mine was working at an established breakfast restaurant in town (Morning Thunder Quincy, CA) and i asked if i could work under him. After a week of being laid off from the bakery i was in the back working the cold side. After 2 months i was on the grill 5 days a week. At Longboards i started as pantry and worked up to grill assistant and as i like to call it, fryer, or runner. I would run up and down between the floors getting produce, meats, spices. Whatever the crew needed. I learned a lot but was intimidated for sure. For my first real restaurant job it was quite an eye opener. While working at Longboards i got a job offer in the virgin islands as a sushi chef. Needless to say i jumped on the opportunity. I worked at both Longboards and Morning thunder until September. I took 2 weeks before leaving to go to San Fransisco to visit family and to eat at some wonderful restaurants. After San Fransisco i went to Boston to do the same. I left for St Thomas on the 28Th. Once i arrived my Boss picked me up and took me straight to the restaurant. Enkai Sushi bar. The restaurant was just hit by a tsunami and was in the middle of restorations. I helped rebuild, repaint, and clean for about a month. I have been working my way up and am now the sous chef and work very hard at making sure the job is done right. I've ran the restaurant as head chef for a total of about a month and a half due to some unforeseen complications. Enkai has won various awards including best sushi bar in St Thomas three years running. If you happen to be there sit at the sushi bar and lets chat. you will not be disappointed in the slightest. During my time in St Thomas i also worked as head chef for the yacht "Insatiable" over the Christmas break in place of the staffed chef. I worked on the menu for a week and had a blast. If you have any questions or would like to get to know me I'm very easy to talk to and absolutely love talking about recipes, techniques, etc. I have soooo much to learn and am not cocky. I am extremely passionate and very serious about this love of mine. So say hello and let the conversation begin!

Thank you all,

Brendan Moore
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Thanks for the intro, Brendan. That's quite a lot of experience you've had in a short time.

I hope you'll take full advantage of the features of our community. Besides the discussion forums, we have photo galleries, wikis, cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews and more. We've been here for over 10 years, and have a wonderfully diverse membership: professional chefs, food writers, home cooks- and they're from all over the world.

We hope you visit often and participate in the community. Welcome!

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Thank you i am certainly looking forward to it. I have a question how do i put a permanent quote on my posts?file:///C:/Users/B/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.pngfile:///C:/Users/B/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-1.png
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Welcome to the site!!!

To add a signature click on the "my Profile" tab at the top, scroll down near the bottom and there should be a link to edit your personal signature and just click on that and that should get you taken care of.

Enjoy the site!!!!
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