You should drive an hour out of your way for...

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Here's a few of my favorite blue-collar places. Anyone else?

The Wayside, Berlin, Vt., Exit 7 off I-89
The best of down home New England cooking, amazing pies baked every morning (banana cream a revelation).

Redbones BBQ, 55 Chester St., Somerville, Mass. Get the Memphis ribs, BBQ beef and the corn-green chile pudding. Really.

Little Saigon, Tampa, Florida. Pho (basil-laced beef noodle soup) to die for in an unassuming strip mall. Enough to soak your head for $6. If I had to drown this is the wayI would go.

The Southeast Asian, 343 Market St., Lowell, Mass. The best lunch buffet ever: $5.95 for Thai, Cambodian, Laotian and Vietnamese dishes. Transcendent minced chicken with chile, a brutal yet gorgeous beef with green beans.
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Boudin King in Crowley La.....unreal!!!soft pork and rice spicy with cayene and green onion steamed in a casing...THEY DON"T SHIP!!!

Used to be Corky's ribs in Memphis now it's Willinghams...we're having a rib eating comparison after I go pick some up this weekend.

NY Bagels....further than an hour but memorable....
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Oh Margaret I'm so sorry. That's one of the joys of southern La. all the artisans that cook with love and joy...Bon Temp Roule.
It would be wonderful to celebrate his life with gumbo at Mardi Gras time. Feb this year I think.
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That's my hope also....
Louisiana is one of the few places that really revels in food celebrations and multigenerational parties...on a regular basis.
Couchon D Laits (bbq whole piggy), Crawfish boils, Jambayla dinners, Gumbo, Mardi Gras,
King Cakes, etc....
The whole atmosphere is familial.....welll most of the time.
When I was in NO last month I picked up a mag on Louisiana Cooking....they had an article on older cajun women...amazing!!!Birthday parties, cake and all for baby Jesus. So I guess what I'm trying to say is others are looking to preserve the heritage and foods too. And Cajuns are not shy about sharing a good time or recipe.
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