You next kitchen purchase?

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There are so many things I want but I have to limit myself to an item here and there, otherwise I would be broke...actually I am already broke. I think my next purchase will be a nice spice rack. We buy our spices in bulk and have a drawer full of little baggies. How lame is that?

What is your next purchase?
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A sugar dispenser that drops 1 tsp of sugar at a time....I think they are sold in Italy or France....
I know, I don't need it......I just want it. :roll:
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Voodoochyl, keep in mind that the big enemies of spices are light, heat, and oxygen. So if you're going to be getting a spice rack it's best to get one that mounts to the inside of a cabinet door. That keeps it both out of the light, pretty much away from heat, and, yet, the spices are still accessible. Plus you're using otherwise wasted space.

An alternative is to mount a thin piece of sheet steel to the inside of the cabinet door, then use those magnetic-based spice cans. Given a choice, I would not get the ones with the clear lids.

By the way, from a use standpoint, those little baggies kept in a draw are the opposite of lame. They meet all the requirements of effective storage other than wasting the drawer space itself. .
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lol I double bag my spices ( several ziplock bags into 1 ziploack bag and then store it in a plastic container and then into my cold garage that can get pretty darn cold.

My next purchase....
Chinois, carbon steel wok, japanese water stones..... and the list goes on .
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Voodoochyl- what's wrong with cardboard boxes cut down to size to suit your bags of spices? They need to be kept in dark cupboard anyway, so it really doesn't matter, they won't be on display. I'm an over-practical type - you can take my tips or not :D I use small coffee jars for spices I use in bulk. Ok I'm contradicting myself here - they all match (the coffee producers must love me but their jars are good).

My next purchase would be....a good cook's knife (not a supermarket sword), or a good wooden chopping board.
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a nice stainless steel saute pan. all-clad is too expensive. cuisinart seems ok but its way too cheap. i don't like items that are too cheap.

a nice chopping board as well. my old one is well over its useby date
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Thanks for all the spice rack tips everyone. I never really knew to keep spices out of the light. I may try to rig up something like A.B. has on Good Eats. Maybe magnetic rather than velcro.

The other thing I want soooooo badly is a stand mixer. They are so spendy, though. I think it may be a while until I get one of those.
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Voodoo - maybe look for one second hand? That's how I got my Sunbeam mixer - $8 at a charity shop. Works beautifully.
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I've gotten 3 coffee grinders, that serve as spice grinders, and a cream steamer, for cappuccino, from thrift/charity stores. Grand total... $4.50.


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Probably some cast iron corn stick pans. Cactus shapes are the most likely.

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