yoghurt coating???

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hi, can someone please help me by telling me or getting me a recipe on hoe to make the yogurt coating that is on raisins and nuts etc.
i want to be able to make it from scratch
thanks so much :)
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To the best of my knowledge you can't make that at home with-out the right equpiment and recipe. They use huge tumblers (which you can buy for a Kitchen Aid mixers) to coat candy products. BUT, I've never seen a recipe for a firm coating like they do so they don't stick to each other. I think that's a trade secret for each candy company.

You'd have more luck making raisin clusters and finding a recipe you like that adds the sweetness taste you crave. Perhaps a simple fondant would please you..... for that, any candy book has fondant recipes.

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being a chef website and all i was wondering if you could help me
im looking for a recipe to make yogurt coating so i can coat my own fruit and museli bars but i can seem to find the recipe anywhere.
ive looked on the back of the bars that are yogurt coated and it states they use yougurt compound which consists of yogurt powder. milk powder, letcithin and vegetable shortening but i dont know how to combine them so i can actually make the coating! would you be able to help me?
my email is [email protected]
thanks for your help


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Go to the store, buy some yoghurt chips and melt them.

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