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Hello All,

I started cooking when I was five (not kidding), learned throughout high school and then trained in the hotel industry in a hotel that had four restaurants, three kitchens, a cold kitchen and three banquet rooms. The largest event I was part of catering was a breakfast for four-hundred. I was trained "old school," by a meticulous Austrian chef. I left the hotel industry to pursue a "life" of less than six days a week, split shifts.

I now cater and employ culinary students to satisfy my love of teaching. Since I was trained in classic French cuisine, I tend to fall back on those skills most often, but have mastered Italian, Japanese and Mexican cuisines, as well as some signature dishes in other cuisines (like my family's favorite Thai Chicken Curry).

I love to learn and love to teach what I know. I look forward to sharing and learning from posters here.
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Hello SheChef and welcome! A quick look at our site will tell you that you've found an excellent place to exercise all aspects of your career: chef, caterer, teacher. We hope you'll take a look at all the discussion forums; the search tool will show you almost 10 years' worth of discussions!

I will assume that your location is the East Coast of the U.S. We have members (professionals and avid home cooks) from every continent (occasionally from Antarctica!) as well as a large contingent from the U.S. That fact adds even more value to your connections here.

We hope you enjoy teaching, sharing and learning here. Welcome!
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