Yelp & I knew as soon as she walked in the door

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by foodnfoto, Sep 13, 2011.

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    I'm bummed. 

    We just got a bad review from a customer that I knew was going to be trouble as soon as she walked in the door.

    You know who I mean-

    The one with the perpetually dissatisfied look on her face-the one who asks a million questions without giving you the courtesy of allowing you to answer them.

    The one who brings all her friends with her and they all do the same thing, so you wind up repeating your description of menu items 3 and 4 times over.

    The one who takes up so much of your attention with her questions and comments about how "In New York, I can get a printed menu with all the ingredients in all their smoothies..." that your regular customers get sick of waiting to be served and leave. Darn!

    Excuse me, we use locally grown produce, so our menu changes with its availability! And yes, just because we're located an hour north of NYC does NOT mean I'm a complete hayseed. I do go there to visit the markets etc-actually, several times a week!

    Yeah, I got a bit frustrated with Ms. Pushy-Attention-Span-Of-A-Gnat! Especially after I kindly asked if there were any ingredients she was hoping to avoid. But my response really didn't warrant the scathing review she posted. Unfortunately, replying to such reviews only draws attention to it and gives them more emphasis than the slew of 5-Stars we already have. 

    Wondering how much any of you pay attention to reviews of your establishment. Help me get some perspective, please.
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    My chef at work tells me those people have to do that to draw attention to themselves because they seek it.  I am sorry about the crappy review, post a response just stating that you do use local products, vary your menu to the seasons and that you are not NYC.  I would gladly have a smoothie at your place and write a great review.  

    I know the food you put out is very personal and by your post here it shows that you take pride.  It is hard not to be upset because you care.
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    The water club and River cafe in NY was owned by Mr. Buzzy O Keef. The chef at that time was Charlie Palmer.

         A food editor from the NY TIMES came in and gave the River Cafe a bad review  Her initials were M,S  and she loved herself(she is now a judge on food channel and other shows, she always wears hats.).One day she came with her entourage into the Water Club Buzzy's other place.

         Buzzy was  seated at the bar and saw her. Before she could enter Buzzy  told 2 managers to throw her and her party out . They did. Water club became one of the busiest places in NY.
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    I disagree, No post!

    We make honors every year with yelp and you would be surprised how that sticker helps. We received a negative from someone out of state a few years ago. Sophie was devastated as she knew exactly who it was. We have many many yelp reviews over the years. My level headed 20 yr old (masters program computers) told us not to worry about it. You have to give people the benefit of the doubt. Readers are educated and see right through crap like that. In a couple of weeks it's dust. I know that doesn't help when you're involved every minute into your business. It's like a small knife to the heart. It's just not the big. Just the fact that that this bothered you tells me you guys are dedicated to what you do. There will always be an a$$hole somewhere in life. Don't take it personal.
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    It's gonna happen sooner or later.

    Some are just looking for a fight, some are jealous, and some are really nasty pieces of work.

    On the other hand, the benefits are pretty good.

    If you have a 5 star rating and one dip-wad brings you down, it is pretty obvious.

    Remember, the classic definition of the impossible,  is trying to please everyone all the time.....
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    No matter how good a restaurant is, it just can't please everybody. If most of your reviews are good, then one negative one isn't going to make much impact. If the negative reviews start to surpass the positives in numbers, then you may have something to worry about.