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Hi everyone. I'm a new comer to this site, and a fairly new comer to the culinary world. I'm a fairly recent graduate from Global Academy in the Philippines and I'm currently on a second internship here in the US. I went through the school's culinary and baking courses though my personal focus is on bread baking. The curriculum was only eight months long, four for culinary and four for baking and pastry. Though the lessons went at a fast pace due to the short amount of time, the curriculum was thorough and did cover everything. However, the short time frame and the three month internship required for graduation felt lacking in terms of hands-on experience, even with all the volunteer work I did for school events, so I decided to apply for a second internship just to get more hands-on experience outside of home, in more ways than one.


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Welcome to ChefTalk we are glad you joined. What school did you attend in the Philippines? Where are you working now in the US? Please let us know if you have any questions about or how to use the site.
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