Yeeeeeeeeeee ha!

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Gosh I love this place!

I'm Mike from Michigan- "retired" from 25 active years of ministry and moving into another profession I adore- cooking.

Wife Ann cooked throughout our children's growth years, now it be my turn lol.

So far everyone here has been just wonderful to me. Answering reeeeeeeeeeeeleeeeeeeeeee dummmm questions without a snicker or a wink. (if you don't believe they are dumb, search them out for yourself <grin> )

Thanks to all who have and who will help me :)

I appreciate being here with you. Thanks for having me,
Mike :cool:
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Oh trust me there *were*snickers and winks...just not where you could see or hear them....
Like Ijust said to someone last night...there is NO such thing as a silly question if you dont have the information you need. So relax...enjoy...and dont turn your back on people who love lil green guys :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Gee who *could* I be talking about??
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Hello kernels33 and welcome to Chef Talk. We're a friendly lot, as you're finding out. Now that it's your turn to cook, what are you whipping up these days?
Joined Sep 25, 2002
Thank you so much for the welcome. I was telling my wife about all of you and this board. Sure means a lot to have a place where folks congregate with the same dang peculiar proclivities that I have acquired lol

BTW, cooked crock pot chicken, taters, and steamed brussel sprouts yest mmmmmmmmmm ;)

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