Yeast Question

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I recently purchased some SAF Gold osmotolerant yeast as I am planning on making some enriched sweet dough.  I have a recipe calling for, let's say, 4 tsp of instant dry yeast, should I use the same amount of the osmotolerant yeast or less?  Is there a rule of thumb conversion?    I would suspect I would use less but how much less?  I don't want to experiment with several batches of dough to find out!!

   yeast Can anyone please advise me/img/vbsmilies/smilies/confused.gif
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I believe the general rule of thumb is that if your sweet dough is specced with regular yeast, and you're switching to osmotolerant yeast, you reduce the amount.

Personally, I'd figure out the bakers percentages of the recipe, and evaluate that.
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