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But of course! You can make it the way people made things before electric mixers were available: mix it by hand. You'll need a big bowl, a large, sturdy wooden or metal spoon, and a strong arm (yours!).

You might find it hard to believe, but there are some people who prefer to mix or whip stuff by hand. Whipping cream, beating egg whites for meringue, making mayonnaise, mixing batter for cakes -- all those have always been, and always will be, made with nothing but a bowl, something to mix them with, and human power.
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Ditto to what Suzanne posted!Knead it by hand.Its kind of a zen thing for me to work with dough this way.Also I think you can learn more about the feel of the doughs you knead and this gives you some bakers knowledge.
P.S. I love yeast donuts over cake ones.Doug................

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