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excelent time had by all. unfortunately most of the time spent in manhattan was rather touristy stuff because we were traveling in such a large group. my compadres are not much on the foodie side of life so we mostly ate at little hole in the wall deli's and silly tourist spots,, and of course the little dirty carts on the street with tandori and falafel. the best food we had was actualy in queens, the rehursal dinner was at a lovely place called chateau briand. i had a delicious chilean sea bass en papiotte, washed down with copious amounts of black opal shiraz. and the wedding and reception were at the westbery mannor on long island. wonderful place. we had a delicious spread of marinated meats and olives, calimari, stuffed cabage rolls, canapes and the usual assortment of cheeses , caviars and grilled vegetables. i had a great time,,,,, but on the next visit i shall bring reservations,,, and some foodies to enjoy them with.
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Next time your in town try to post it as early as possible and we can put together a cheftalk foodie gathering.We've done this before and had wonderful times.
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Glad you had a good time!

Just one thing, though: not all those street carts are dirty, at least not the ones that sell "ethnic" food. You'd be amazed at the lengths some owners go to to be sure they can keep everything clean.
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Yeah, it was two years ago this week that a bunch of us met in person for the first time. A grand time was had by all, and I came home four pounds heavier. It must have been the Yonah Shimmel knish, because it couldn't have been the Katz's deli pastrami, the Zabar's chocolate babka, the great meal at Beacon (complete with a cake by Momoreg!), or the wonderful homemade food we enjoyed at the picnic in the pumpkin patch! :lips:

Many gatherings, large and small, have taken place. Here's to many more! :beer:

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