Yaxell Dragon Fire

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Not exactly a light weight, with 227g for the 8.5" version. The metal butt makes me sceptical about its balance. But I just don't know the knife.
If you were looking for an advanced stainless with micarta handle, I may advice the
Forget all you know about French stainless — usually very soft, hardly taking an edge, with a terrible Fit&Finish. This is a lightweight, made of Sandvik's 14C28N. Excellent F&F, at the level of a Misono's, kept at a well-balanced 60Rc. Comes even with a decent factory edge — rather exceptional, I'd say. Only available as a 250mm but its weight — <190g IIRC — doesn't make it feel like that. Balance point in front of the handle. Comes with a leather saya. A snapshot
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