Xmas Party for 300,help plz

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Hello Chefs,

Thank you for taking the time to give me any ideas or suggestions. Here is the following scenario:

I work for an assisted living center. We are holding an annual Christmas dinner for around 300. This is my first time working it and I am in charge of pretty much the entire food scene. I am looking for a creative menu that will wow guests with presentation and taste. I will be doing the majority of the preparation with possibly some help here and there. So I am looking for sample menus or dishes that I can offer for a buffet style dinner which I will be serving the guests with some workers. I am thinking offering a few appetizers or amuse's. Few main entrees and few side dishes. Possibly a fruit station. And a dessert table. The desserts I am not to worried about but I am looking for holiday themed food. I really don't have a budget but it needs to be within reason so I don't look like a jack ass for my boss. Items that can be prepped ideally ahead of time and reheated or cooked before service so I can make sure I get it done.

Anyone have any experience with this type of deal? Please any help is greatly appreciated, Thank you chefs
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Main Entrees could be a whole Cranberry baked Salmon and a carved stuffed Pork loin. The sides could be Scalloped or Au Gratin potatoes and whatever vegetables. If you like Rice for a starch then either Rice Pilaf or Rice Florentine. Deviled eggs are loved by all during the Holidays. You could set up a few Appetizers on plates for each table when people sit down with their families as a starter. These could be lite with an approach like Antipasti salad with Salami, cheese, vegetables and so on along with bread sticks. This way you could just have entrees on your dinner buffet and maybe save your elderly clients a few steps.


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sorry to cut in,

so a sit down 3 course or a buffet,

buffet will make life a lot easier people can come go as you please.
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With it being an assisted living center I would go dig into some old cookbooks and find some of the classic recipes from when your residents were growing up. Create, or bring back memories, give them an experience.
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