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Hello! I just joined these boards and find them really informative. I own the Vermont Butcher Block & Board Company and will use these boards as a reasource. We manufacture high quality professional grade butcher blocks. We use the wide Rock Maple and domestic Walnut to hand-assemble each of our boards so that they are functional and Beautiful as well. Please feel free to visit our website at www.vermontbutcherblock.com.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to reading many of your posts!.
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David, your boards are beautiful, and your journey to becoming a woodworker is an interesting one. Interesting that many of our members also took a different direction from their original lines of work.

I have a very old wooden board, about 2-1/2' square, which was my grandmother's. She originally used it to make noodles, but also to make breads: challah, cinnamon rolls, etc. I have no clue what kind of wood it is or how old (at least 1915 though), but it has held up famously. I consider it a precious heirloom and do use it when I make bread (which is not nearly often enough!).

We'll look forward to your posts.

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