Wusthof Cooks knife - asymmetrical bolster?

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Hello all,

I've recently bought a Wusthof Classic Ikon Cook's knife 8" from a third party seller on Amazon and whilst having a look at it I noticed the bolster is asymmetrical. Is this normal or have I bought a dud/fake? 

I've had a look online and haven't seen any other mention of this. The image is taken from the underside of the knife looking along the blade. Any other owners have the same thing? 

Any help would be much appreciated!
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That doesn't look right - You can try sending that picture to Wusthof and see what they say.
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Several years ago I bought an Ikon online and it too is asymmetrical, but a mirror image of your asymmetry.  Likey all these are factory seconds that wind up selling cheap on ebay, but to tell you the truth I never noticed it till checking just now.  My advice would be to return it if possible and get yourself any one of a number of superior Japanese knives available for about the same price or even less than what you paid.

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