wusthof classic 10" w sharpness of a MAC ?

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I think i posted in the wrong forum so here goes my second attempt.

I have an older  Wusthof Classic 10" (see below) and love the weight and feel and bolster of it. But i find it just doesn't stay as "razor sharp" as my 10" MAC.   My 10" MAC is always "razor" sharp and needs little honing. However, its no where near comfortable as my Wusthof.

So is there a knife which combines the bolster and feel of the Wusthof but with the sharpness of my MAC ? 

I wanted to know if such a knife exists ? 

Thanks again.. 

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Maybe the Mac Ultimate ?  I've not handled one, but it's marketed much according to your description I think.  And they've earned some trust.  Costs more than either, though.
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In a word, "No."  The kind of sharpness you can get from a MAC isn't available in knives with the "feel" you're describing. 

Of course we don't know which MAC you're talking about because you didn't say or even whether or not yours has a transitional bolster.  MAC has two with "bolsters," the Pro and the Ultimate.  The MAC Ultimate is almost the same knife as the Pro with different cosmetics and a different blade alloy.  The Ultimate's alloy is hardened slightly more than that of the Pro's, and has a slightly different composition; but functionally there's not much difference.  In other words, the MAC Ultimate is a typical, high-end yo-gyuto and the Wusthof Classic is not.

One thing that makes the Wustie what it is, is its deep-bellied German profile.  That's something almost impossible to find in Japanese knives -- with the exception of Shun.  I'm not a big fan of Shun generally, and really dislike their chefs knives.  But one of the Shuns may be a good choice for you.  You won't get anything at all like a Wusthof Classic's "heft," though.  Parenthetically, the modern trend among better knife technicians is away from heavier and towards lighter knives.

Wusthof has recently changed the way it hardens its knives, bumping the Rockwell C number from around 56 to a claimed 58-59 (manufacturers are often "optimistic" rating their own knives).  Compare that to a MAC Pro at 58-59 and an Ultimate at 60-61.  On the other hand, Wusthof is still using X50CrMoV15 which has limited edge taking and holding (regardless of hardness) properties -- at least compared to the alloys used in better western-styled Japanese knives. 

If all you really want is a good yo-gyuto with a bolster and a comfortable handle, you have a lot of choices.  If you want a German profile and serious heft -- afraid you're S. O. L.

Sorry I couldn't be more optimistic,

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Well, I shouldn't hazard a guess based on the looks of finger-guards, clearly! (Though I'm glad BDL gave a little insight on the Mac Ultimate vs. Professional. Never even held an Ultimate, just looked). 

My first good knives were European. Still are.  I was given a 10" Wusthof Classic which I use as a sort of "poor man's" chef-de-chef at this point.  I like having it in the cabinet for rare occasions.  I'll bet you'll get over the love of heft, though, the more you practice with a lighter, sharper knife. 

OK, I'm no help at all because I'm predicting what you'll like more later, instead of just believing you want what you want.  Get that Mac as sharp as it can, though, and use it almost always.  Lighten your grip (or "soften" it, I suppose), let the sharp edge do the work and you won't need heft to do any.

Or else try a Shun... but given that you have the two knives you have, I can't see a compromise -- even if there were a good one -- being a goal.
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