WTN: dacu Ribera del Guandiana (3 stars)

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This wine forum isn't getting much action, I'm going to start off a Wine Tasting Note (WTN).  Feel free to post your own WTN for a bottle you have recently had (be sure to including possible food pairings).

2009 dacu Ribera del Guandiana

Region: Almendralejo, Spain (North of Sevilla and not to far from Portugal)

Varietal(s): 100% Tempranillo

Notes: Strong strawberry, and cherry notes, medium raseberry notes, wet, full bodied.

Food Pairings: Pork or lamb dishes, any paella, especially non-seafood paellas, manchego cheese

Price Range: $9

Rating: 3 stars, not the best Tempranillo I have ever had, but not bad for $9
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