WTF?!?! French top won't boil water?

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So prepping during my first day at a new place. The guy showing me around warned me about the french top being insanley hot and when i tried to boil water (maybe 1.5 gals) to blanch some veg it eventually started simmering. Put a lid on it and it started to boil sort of and the boil SUBSIDED as soon as i took the lid back off (no veg in there, just water). This was directly over the burner with the center ring out. I half expected the pot to be dry by the time i washed the veg if the thing was as hot as they say. What gives???
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we used to do this.  couple drops of oil on the burner and place the pot on top of the oil.  dont need much. 
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If it was a pot that was all dinged up, warped, etc and wouldn't sit well or flat on the surface that might have something to do with it too. The bottom of the pot pretty much needs full contact with the metal in order to come to a rolling boil. 
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If you read the original post, dr vogel says he removed a ring in the french top, therefore the pot sat in a hollow, like a wok. So a concave or convex pot bottom really isn't the issue.

What gives? I dunno....

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