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During my career in professional kitchens I went through various phases of learning such as working with Asian products, getting into French cuisine etc. One of my favorite phases was when I started wrapping various food products I was working with. Some of the more memorable items that were big hits with the clientel were:
  • Monkfish wrapped in smoked bacon
  • Salmon wrapped in potato
  • Chicken wrapped in phyllo
  • Shrimp wrapped in wonton wrappers and fried
  • Mahi Mahi wrapped in bannan leaves.
What are some ideas others have had for wrapping food items.
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Fun idea for a thread Nicko.

The monkfish you used to do is very similar to one I used to do, and still do in the cooler months.

I wrap the lotte with pancetta instead of the smoked bacon, roast it and serve it a top of a simple white bean, tomato, rosemary raguet (sliced on triange)

Just last night I had malipec oysters wrapped with tuna carpaccio with a citrus vinaigrette that was really good.

When Barry Wine was one of the big names in New York city, I used to make his crepe purses tied with a chive bow.

Lamb loin, pistacios and mint wrapped in phyllo.

Tuna maki tempura is a popular Hdo at work.

chic pea and tahini crepe filled with baba ganush, breaded with chic pea flour and fried, a mint and saltina chutney I serve with this.

of course chicken stuffed, wrapped and cooked in 100.000 ways (anything to give chicken some flavor)

heres one I haven't even thought about for over 15 years until now.

When I was working at Le Chambord, we would skin our salmon, and lay the skin scale side down on a piece of saran.
Gently pound the salmon fillet and place in ontop of the skin and lay blanched leeks over that, then pound some stripped bass fillet and lay it over the salmon and leeks and shave black truffle over the bass, then place sered lotte down the center of the whole thing and roll it up in the saran and poach it in a court boullion, slice and serve with beurre blanc...geez that was good :)

You got me thinking now Nicko



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One of my favorites that I haven't done in a long time was salmon topped with a scallop mousse wrapped in blanched cabbage leaves.

You can take the shrimp wrapped in proscuitto and replace it with scallops as well.


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One of my favorites is whole trout stuffed with spinach, ricotta, parmesan (and an egg for binder), and herbs, then wrapped in bacon. Slowly rendered over med. heat until the bacon starts to crisp and finshed in the oven.

Others include:
-basmati rice scented with lemongrass, mango, and basil and wrapped in blanched romaine leaves on which sauteed snapper is placed

-Salmon wrapped in Spring Roll wrappers and pan-fried

-Lightly smoked oysters (housesmoked of course) wrapped in proscuitto and topped with Chipotle-Applesauce

-Baked Pear in Brioche

-Salmon wrapped in puff pastry with spinach and tomato fondue

-Escargot and artichokes wrapped in a phyllo rosette

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Let's see how well the memory works.
grilled salmon wrapped in boiled cabbage leaves with smoked salmon beurre blanc and a poached egg on top (ala Holstein)

Shredded fried potatoes wrapped around a scallop and smoked salmon mousse

and yes the roasted monkfish with smoked bacon and a corn/old bay butter sauce (ala Jean Louis Palladin

Leek confit with scallops in phyllo purses with a black truffle sauternes beurre blanc

wild field green salad in a steamed salmon dome with a smoked salmon (yes again) vinaigrette

creme brulee baked in phyllo

I miss being in a restaurant! :cry: ( but only sometimes!:D )
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Do you wrap food in paper and bake it in the oven as they do in Nicko's village in Greece???:D

Ortillons in dough so as to announce that you start a vendetta???:D


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I have never heard of that one Athenaeus should we discuss this one in the history forum? :)
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A -- Cooking "en papillote" -- oooh, great way to do fish or the boring boneless chicken breast: tons of flavor, no fat.

"Ortillons in dough ..." you mean those tiny little birds?:eek:

At Le Bernardin, I learned to do a scallop topped with foie gras and julienne black truffle, wrapped in a blanched Savoy cabbage leaf. Then wrapped in plastic wrap and steamed to cook it. Perfectly simple, and simply perfect.
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All these wonderful ideas...

I should have mentioned Brick à l'oeuf as well! :rolleyes:
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I am stuffing a poached granny smith apple with cranberries and raisins and then wrapping it in phyllo dough. We have been selling out all week...
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Little morsels of steamed lobster tail wrapped in paper-thin slices of cucumber, with a spicy ginger dipping sauce.

Banana slices wrapped in filo - or wonton wrappers, fried and servied with chocolate fondue.
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Never done it, but I've eaten Creme Brulee in fillo and it was great!
Shroom cigars....duxelle in fillo


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The creme brullee is baked first and then after it is cooled it is gently removed from it's baking dish and then placed in several sheets of phyllo and baked.
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..so you transfer it when it is semi-set?
How do you avoid damaging it?

(I'm sure surgeons have these discussions too! ;))
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