WOW. I got hired on the same day!!!

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I had quite the day last sunday.

As some of you know I recently graduated and am now a line cook.

Then I got news that there is a house waiting for me (rental) in another town so suddenly I needed to move.......working like crazy to get all sorted.

Its a dream of a house *squeeze me* and all I could have wanted.

Then of course needed new job....and quick.

A friend of mine saw an ad on twitter of a restaurant in the city where I am going to live and immediately thought of me.

I replied to the ad and sent email as requested, putting on my brave shoes and going for it.

Next thing I knew was arriving at work next morning and the restaurant calling my chef ......

When he hung up, he told me that I would be contacted for a job interview ....indeed, after few mins got news and we set the date on last sundaymorning.

I went there, totally relaxed and it was totally WEIRD  I tell you.

How about when you sit down with coffee and chef just asks you, :OK, do tell.........

Well I sure did tell how I got into all of this just this year (!!) and how things went, moving, then the weird coincidence about the ad and here I am..... what I was looking for, etc. Passion is what counts and all the rest can be learned.... (still new to the trade after all)

We had a very nice hour together and he let me know what feedback my current chef had given *blush* and that he wanted to hire me on the spot but needed to check with his boss.

Since it was his boss who saw my email and told the chef to phone RIGHT NOW that would be ok.

Sunday night at work, message on phone : we want to welcome you in our team.......

HOLY S*IT!!!!  Lots of work waiting for me, new place being 2 as big as my old one, 80 a night, will take getting used to.

But lovely menu, classic basics, all homemade, restaurant is one of the best of the city.......**blink**


but....anyone tips on how to handle double guests than you were used to? its a bit overwhelming all that right now......slowly sinking in.
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That happened fast. But then again, many things in restaurant business do.


Which station are you working?

Don´t worry too much about the abundance of guests, I´m sure you´ll find your groove soon enough.
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Yeh ,that awesome , and im sure you can dot it. 

Life is giving you a chance so go for it. 

I remember in March when i had just come back home i started looking for work on Monday ( only handed one resume that day ). 

Tuesday i was called for an interview , and Thursday i was working..... ( but not on the line, i was doing expo )

One week later the line cook running salads and pastry quit , i took the spot and in 1 month was working the line. 

It was crazy , fast , scary , awesome , and stressful all at the same time. But when you have passion and drive you can handle that sort of pressure. 

Im sure you will do fine. 
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Bjazz, I am pretty sure that I will start on the garde manger again but no problem with that. From there, its upwards.

Kaiquecuisine, THANK you. Yes I have drive and passion, and won't let something scare me off that easily. Totally going for it, there is so much to learn at this particular place that I hope to stay a while.... real gastronomy....suits me.

You let me look at it in a different way....guess you're right, if it was not my thing the chance would not have crossed my path....

Can't wait to meet my new chef again in two days! 

SO, its all about drive and passion, no matter at what age you start, I just got into all this, this year and look where I am heading....WOW.
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Congrats Soesje, youre an inspiration to all of us....umm, multi-decaders! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif

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