would this be rude ?

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Asking a private chef to work with a dietitian? Would a private chef be able to have a backup meal for I can't mentally cope with the planned meal? I have a eating disorder with other health issues and some meds change how sugars work in the body

or would that be stealing your creative control ( which I do value )


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The chef works for you, so, I'm sure yes it would be perfectly in line.
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Hi canot,

I was a private chef that would have loved to work with a dietician! Because I want to learn! A dietician doesn't know as much about cooking as I do and I don't know dietetics as well as they do. I would've liked to work with a certified Nutritionist for the same reason.

But people are all different, including chefs, and I have worked with some chefs that would not want the scenario you describe.

A private chef should be able to handle any dietary restrictions. IMHO
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Agreed, perhaps have the dietician simply provide the Chef with a list of your dietary restrictions.
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Would it be rude? No. A good private chef whom you hire should be made aware of your unique dietary requirements at the outset so they can evaluate if they have the proper skill sets to accommodate your dietary needs. Assuming they are confident in their ability to meet your dietary needs, working with a dietician should not be an issue for the private chef whatsoever.

Good luck. :)
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I really don't think that it would be rude. You should decide what you are consuming, and since you stated that you have an eating disorder, then of course your chef should understand what you should be eating. A dietitian can help them do just that! :)
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any arrangement that enhances satisfaction is fine. As mentioned, a dietitian's knowledge complements the Chef's skills.
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It would not bother me personally. Hiring a general dietitian or nutritionist for input information for normal programs is one thing. When there is a chance of an imbalance due to medication or specific treatment, I would require the services of a clinical dietitian. Not a liability thing, just an elimination of concern for all.
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Not at all rude. The chef is cooking for you and if you have certain restrictions then that is the way things are. If they don't like it, get a new chef.
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