Would an industry "eat half off" membership work?


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Kinda thinking along the lines of what would make the line cook's life worth it.  A hefty discount at participating restaurants would work.  I'm thinking something like you join for $50 a year and you get and ID with a barcode or chip which you can scan at any restaurant that participates. Would that be a worthwhile perk?
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I love that idea. It would certainly motivate me.  I've heard that several high end restaurants in NYC do something similar just so the cooks can get different ideas and exposure to plating, presentation and flavors. There's no card, per se. I don't know what the system is. 

 Not being able to afford to eat at decent restaurants is one of the things about line cooking that always bothered me. It would seem a great way to compensate good cooks and provide them with exposure and enthusiasm. 

Given the choice between two jobs, one with the card and  one without, I'd definitely choose the one with the card. 

When you figure this out, let me know. I want one.
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