Worst things about being a Chef

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To be continued...

The brand new, extremely loud hood system motor burnt out... ROFL... It took them a few days to fix it but the new motor seems to work fine and is a little more quiet... :(

Of course, now our front display case is running at 60 degrees...

Oh, and the lowboy that keeps breaking down was making a weird sound right when I was closing. I will see tomorrow at 6:30 AM if it's keeping temp...

It never ends....
I feel your pain vic...I feel your pain... 
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Yeah Vic, my heart goes out to you. Last time that happened at my spot a guy left $1200 of proteins in the lowboys after a sloppy breakdown. The chef wasn't entirely stoked about that one and the guy never showed up again due to embarrassment. So we were ass out of a lot of product. Then the health department shows up to make matters worse. That was a fun day. I've only been on the line cook side of all that- you know floating all your plas on ice. I can't say I relish the day when I take over my own kitchen.
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The worst part of being a chef is simply not being able to give up control of the kitchen/station.... When a chef perfects their technique and timing at a station or restaurant and this said chef trains new staff at that station and the person can't follow simple directions or they think because they are new they can work the station better.

Another is when you see a manager completely suck at their position and implicate every single diner that eats at your establishment due to the lack of care or responsibility that follows.

For the most part I thoroughly enjoy being a chef- it's when my integrity is jeopardized that I have issues. Also I do not enjoy being told one thing and not receiving it. Like promotions!
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it happened to me many times like working on that duty then there's a lot of orders come from costumers then only by yourself in the kitchen while others comes late in their own reasons....later...costumers have to get their food coz says they are already hungry...WHAT????i'm just alone and how could i make it that lots of orders and even just prepared common things i needed are none in my sigth...but then i request the waitresses to let their costumers to wait few minutes and i made it...i made it but hey....i feel that i am great...atleast i made people smile after their meals done....
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    I miss weekends and holidays. I'm always off during the week. All my family work at normal jobs, so it is almost impossible to get together to do anything. BUT they are all crazy so really im saving my self :p
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I am a chef on my own in a university cooking for about 600 industrial catering I'm the only chef I have a helper in the morning who trays up the chicken, theirs a lot of kitchen porters snd kitchen assistances I've had so many lies made up about me the kitchen staff have no respect for me because because it's a safe job in a university they feel like they can do what ever they like its hell most days it's a real pain to work their and I can go home most days with an attitude about how I've been treated I end up talking with no one everyone their is heartless that's the kind of low life you get in some catering places.
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