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What is the worst drink (mixed or otherwise) you’ve ever tasted?

My nomination occurred at Brunch. First, you need to understand that I don’t do Brunch; I don’t like any meal that compresses two perfectly good but perfectly separate meals into one diminished hybrid. Second, yes I have read what Tony Bourdain has had to say about Brunch and did not order anything that came with a hollandaise sauce or that included the word “surprise” in the title. But our friend had never been to the new Getty Museum and wanted to have brunch there.

The restaurant is pleasant with lovely views (if you are sitting on the view side) and the service is friendly. There were egg-less and seafood-less items on the menu, so there were safe alternatives to Sunday food-poisoning episodes. However, in addition to the usual sparkling wine offerings, there was a special drink being featured: a Bloody Mary made with Wasabi. Sounds intriguing. Has possibilities. I ordered white wine. Lucky me. David and our friend both succumbed to the allure of the drink special. And . . . it tasted like sushi. Let me ask you this: would you like to drink sushi with your brunch? with your fresh zucchini bread and jam?

But it provided us with free entertainment for the rest of the meal. We watched as people at other tables tasted their Wasabi Bloody Mary's. The look of surprise came first. Then they just looked disturbed. Well, it was a disturbing drink. Not yucky. Just disturbing.
Actually, it might go quite well with Lutefisk!

So what's your worst drink experience?
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Wasabi bloody mary!!!!!!!!!!!yum.

I can't think of my worse drink off the top of my head, but I can tell you about a drink I have every summer on the Cape at The Beach Comber in Wellfleet "Oyster" shots !

One freshly shucked Wellfleet oyster placed in a large shot glass, a turn of pepper, a bit of horseradish, a splash of Lea & Perrins a salpicon of tabaso and fill with ice cold Absolut.

Down the hatch! I love it, only once a year have you, but worth the wait.

Fun thread BTW
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That salty yogurt drink- lassi, I think it is.... urk.... the Turks call it aryan, I think. Tastes like salty, sour milk. Definitely an acquired taste. :suprise:

French visitors to my home have had a similar reaction to root beer.
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Before passing final judgement I strongly recommend trying a Lhassi made at an Indian restaurant. They're quite tastey, kind of a sweetened yogurt - milk.
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CC--I admit before you all that I've never been partial to raw oysters. So placing them in a drink and gulping them (I assume no chewing is involved?) is a bit beyond the pale for me :( . What food follows such a drink? Or is this just a yearly rite-of-passage?
Mezz--I'm with you, salty sour milk just doesn't do a thing for me. Koko's sweet version sounds like it might be like a thinner version of kiefer. That's a little easier for me to take.
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I've always known Khefir to be a middle eastern drink whereas Lhassi is always served to me in Indian restaurants.
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This isn't a "most horrible drink" as much as it is funny.

Several years back we were in Vegas and stopped into one of the cheap coffee shop places to have lunch.

I had a sweettooth so I ordered a chocolate shake.

I get said shake and I'm taking a sip, taking a sip, taking a sip....something was wrong. Not horribly wrong, it didn't taste like sushi or anything like that but it was not a typical chocolate flavor.

It seemed chocolately but had a little extra zip going on, I couldn't figure out what it was. Hubby tried it too several times and we kept wondering, WHAT is this taste?

Rootbeer. I had ordered a chocolate shake and gotten a sort of chocolate-rootbeer float-shake :roll:

The poor waitress, she was rather elderly and very busy. I didn't bother her. I just drank my choco-rootbeer in silence and to this day, we laugh about it every time a chocolate shake or rootbeer float comes our way!
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Along the lines of Nuckey's response. When I was in high school (it was a Quaker school and I lived on dorm) my roomie came back from a weekend with a bottle of Tanquery. Ahh what to mix it with? Being of limited means someone suggested Orange juice. Hmm okay Gin and juice. Where's the juice. None to be found. Aha! One guy has some Tang. Mmmm Okay better than nothing. Tang and Gin. What to mix the Tang in? No containers....well I s'pose we can just pour the Tang powder straight into the Tanqueray bottle.

Yummy. The gelatin in the Tang coagulates with the gin and we get Ginny Tang chunks! Oh we got toasted alright, but yechhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
Anytime I have a Tanqueray now I apologize to the bottle for the blasphemy we performed on it :)
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I got a job as a pastry assistant in a hotel at age 16. I had full access to the liquor cabinet....oooooh how exciting! Those available to me were Grand Marnier, Creme de Menthe, Frangelico, etc...

To disguise my drink, I'd mix in diet Coke.

The absolute most vile thing I drank out of that cabinet was green Creme de Menthe and diet Coke!!!! And the color!!!YUCK!!!!

I am slightly more responsible around a liquor cabinet nowadays. ;)
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chartruese. on the rocks. what can i say, i was 18 and thought the green color was cool. even though it tasted like anti-freeze.
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Smirnoff green apple malt beverage.

Bear in mind that I prefer classic cocktails, which have a careful balance between sweetness, bitterness, and other flavors. The green apple drink was too, too sweet. I imagine the only thing close to it would be a liquified Jolly Rancher candy. Just terrible.


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I love, LOVE oyster shots! My version is to first release the oyster, then a teaspoon of vodka, dash of tabasco, fresh cracked, and squeeze of lemon. As the night goes on you switch to more vodka and less oyster.

But why do you guys goout of your way to find the world's worst drink when the answer can be found right here:


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