Worst accidents that you have had in the kitchen , or at work....

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    So today i had a horrible accident at work.... ( which inspired me to start this thread ).

    Well today after work i was in the locker room changing out of my apron and stuff , then i realized my umbrella was kinda bent , so i decided to straighten it.... It was at that moment that when i had pulled it towards to me straighten it that it ended up breaking and slicing my arm.

    The gash was huge and it even took chunks of my skin and a bit of flesh...

    It wasnt painful , and i stayed calm but the sous chef is probably a hemophobic and made me rush down and tell my chef what happened. At that moment my chef washed my arm and covered the wound. She was really nice and made the restaurante owner take me t the hospital. It was horrible we stayed 3 hours waiting and she stood there waiting till i got attended.

    I ended up getting 5 stiches but dont have to miss work. It was really cool cuz of those 3 hours waiting me and my chef talked alot. We talked about my dreams , my goals , our travels , religion , politics , etc.. Im only 18 and she is 31 and we ended up getting along great and had alot in common. She even told me i had aot of potential and she is glad to be mentoirng me in the kitchen before i start going after culinary school in 2 years. She even told me she was planning on making me her sous chef after 6 months , because no one else takes the job as seirously like me. 

    So yeh even though i had to go throuhg the pain of getting stiches , waiting in a line for 3 hours with my boss , and looked like an idiot wearing my work uniform in the hospital today had some really great advantages lol. 

    SO... what was the worst accident that happened while at or after work , and what happened after all that. 
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    I worked at a place 30 years ago and we cooked bacon on sheet trays. They would drain the fat into a 5 gallon bucket and then place the bucket into the walk in. One morning the other cook just pushed the bucket to the side and and kept working.

    I had a 13 gallon cambro filled with lettuce and kicked the bucket. I ended up with about 12 sq” of third degree burns on my upper leg and second degree burns on and around my jewels. It was right before lunch and I worked about 90 minutes before I could get in a replacement cook for me.

    I have cut a bit off my right thumb with a meat slicer (cutting turkey). Cut a chunk off my left thumb (green onions) when I was bumped into (I still know the servers name from 23 years ago).
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    I was at work in a local restaurant that was open for Mother's Day buffett, and I was going into the cooler area to get something.  Some water has been spilt and not completely mopped up and I slipped and fell on my tailbone.  Owner and his wife both helped me up and took me to ER, nothing broken just bruised, but they told me to take a week off and they paid because it was their fault that water wasn't wiped up - they had busboy doing 5 different things at 1 time.

    Another incident, about 7 years later - was working as breakfast attendant at a local hotel, and their was a leak that made carpet wet.  Bottom of my shoes got wet and when I stepped from carpet to marble tile I slipped.  Landed on my bum (more padding than on tailbone) but also had weight on my right hand and ended up breaking a bone in my hand.  Missed 2 months of work and had a cast on for a month than had physical therapy for a month.  Thank goodness for Workman's Comp!