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in need of advice

I have a new partner on my station, nice guy and all that

He technically has senority over me but has been out of the kitchen for over a year

 my problem is that he is slow to plate , crumbles under pressure and worst leave the mise all over the station .

I brought it up with him with no results and am unsure how to deal with this
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Bring it up to the Owner. Then let the guy have all the rope he needs to hang himself. One of my favorites is the old "I got to go to the bathroom, you got this?" have the Owner or KM watch him  then go sit in a stall for 10 minutes. If the guy is as bad as you say he should be in the weeds and crying by that time.  I don't suggest doing this very often but if you set it up with the "Boss" it will give them an opportunity to see that he needs either inspiration or to go away.
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And, of course, if you have the "balls".....why not take this guy into the walk-in for a little chat?

Then deny everything.
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 I'm with Gunnar..let the owners or KM see what this guy is like and he'll either pick up his socks or leave. 

Thinking about it, you say he has been out of the kitchen for over a year.  Did he come back from a leave of absence or was he rehired?  How long have you been there?  If he was rehired, you have seniority over him.
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I'm with Gunnar on this one, throw them under the bus and let the KM see he isn't worth keeping on. Or maybe doing it will show him how much he needs to improve.
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