working out of home.

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after the demise of my restaurant my wife and i started supplying several different types of food outlets with pasta sauces and baked goods out of our house. we are in the philippines so no worry about the health dept. but we are wondering about the mark up of our product. is there a standard mark up that most wholesalers use or is it up to the ones producing the product to decide? we currently use a 100% mark up on most products.

any and all input would be valuable.

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it all has to do with perception of value,, if something that costs you 1.50 to make is worth ten bucks to enough people,, sell it for what you feel. if you sell it for eight,, you make money and your customer feels they are paying a good price. treat your buyers well and they will pay more for your product than someone elses because they know you treat them well.
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