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Hey guys,

I have a working interview/staging that I have to do tommorow night, and I was wondering if you have any tips/advice on what to do and wear.

They said that they'd be providing the jacket and pants, etc. but should I go there in informal clothes before I change or stick to nicer stuff?

Thanks. :)
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I have been to a few working interview where they said they would provide uniforms and then it turned out they didn't have any or only those so large that it was sloppy and unsafe.

My advice is to go in Tan pants, not jeans, and wear or bring a solid white t-shirt, not undershirt.

That way you show up looking professional, even if you are stuck wearing the pants you look professional, and even if you get a jacket you will have to put over something and many places have restrictions about colored or printed t-shirts. And again if you end up not having a jacket you still can look like you are in a kitchen.

As to what do to. It seems funny that you have the try-out on a Saturday when, I assume it is going to be busy. If the chef abandons you try not to get shoved to the side or dish pit. Alot of staff, don't want you in their way, it's natural not rude, and will have you runny silly and trivial errands or push you out of the way. While it is great to demonstrate that you are willing to help out anywhere you also want to be able to demonstrate the skills you are being tested on. If the chef is too busy, go to the souf chef, or manager.

I would only bring chef knife, paring knife, thermometer, serrated knife, peeler, and boning or utility knife. Most kitchens will have anything you need but you want to be come across prepared.

Good Luck
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Thanks for the advice.

I thought it was odd as well that he picked a Saturday night, but I think he knows that I won't be able to do much since I don't know all of the menu items yet. I'll just try to help where I can I suppose and watch I learn when I can't.

And yeah, I think I'll wear my khaki's there. I was originally just going to go in jeans :p

Thanks again. :)
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