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Hi guys, I'm starting this thread with the objective of gathering some valuable information regarding the working conditions of our metier in different places of the world.

Location: London, UK
Type of Restaurant (Your current job): Fine Dining (Trip advisor price range = $$$$)
Area General Conditions (Your opinion): Very Poor conditions. Overwork and Underpaid. Cost of Life is extremely high.
Area Average Kitchen Salary: from 17k to 24k/year brut
Your working hours: per contract = 48h+ (6 x 8 hours shifts per week with 1 or 2 days offs) + extra shifts (usually 55h/ per week). Extra hours not paid, only half or full shifts are counted.
Area Working Hours per Week: 48h+; 6 to 8 shifts per week.
Area Daily Hours and Breaks: Single Shifts (8h with no breaks) and Double Shifts (15h to 18h with up to 1h break).
Area Sleeping hours (Are restaurants required to give staff a minimum sleeping time between shifts?): In the UK, they can make you work Dinner or Double on one day, and Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner the next day with no restrictions, meaning that here its very common that we sleep less than 4h between shifts, single or double, regardless.
Area Days-off: 1 or 2 per week.
Area Jobs Availability: Every restaurant is short on qualified staff. 60k vacant jobs.
Most Available Position (Which lacks qualified staff): Pastry Chefs, salary between 20k to 25k per year.
Area Minimum Salary: 17k per year.
Area Cost of Life: Very High

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