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Hi all, just a heads up on a situation you might run into.

15 months ago I woke up in the middle of the night with my hands asleep up to my elbows. I saw my doc a week later and he diagnosed me with carpal tunnel. Tried the braces for a month and no relief as in my right hand had lost most of the feeling and my left was in and out. The doc suggested surgery and after a visit with the surgeon I was told they would do it but I would have to pay the deductible first which my insurance company told me was $8,000. I went back to my primary doc and he asked me about my job, work and hours which at the time were three 12s and a 8 hour shift but prior to my hands going numb I did 23 days strait. I am the  Food Service manager / Chef for a small upscale assisted living  serving 40 to 50 people per meal. I mostly work the kitchen by myself which includes all food prep/orders/cooking/serving/cleaning and dishes, your basic one horse operation with two other employees for time off when all goes well. Well the doc said that my profession over the years could be the cause of this coming on as I have no family history. so he advised me to file a workers comp claim to get the surgery I needed.
Long story short I filed and was denied by the insurance company (standard procedure)

and so I filed an appeal with the aide of a lawyer (pretty much the only way you can do it here in Oregon) who gets paid if he wins your claim an amount appointed by the court. Well during this time span I have been on lite duty and my job was changed to receptionist (yuk).The legal process was finally finished 4 weeks ago which I won and I had my first surgery 2 weeks ago. Wow what a difference and I can feel my hand again

so cool. My left hand gets done tomorrow and in about 2 months I get to return to my original position.

On a better note my employer wanted me to have this surgery from the beginning as I have been very good for there business but it was there workers comp insurance carrier

who was in charge of pulling all the strings during this process and I felt like they just wanted to drag it out as long as possible.I have known a few other of my chef friends who have had this surgery done at about the same age 49/50 so just know there is a possibility of this occurring to those of us who have chosen this field of work.

Also if you have a legitimate health problem which you feel is work related just be prepared for a long haul with lots of frustration along the way. I am just glad its over and that I will be returning to real work very soon.

Have a great day...............................
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First off ....I'm sorry to hear about your arm/hand . Hope all is going well for you.

Second sounds like the company found you modified work , even if it is not in your feild of expertise. This keeps  the companies insurance rates low, as a result of them keeping you on staff. They don't want the claim.

It's a commen practise and companies do it all the time

stay well

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Surgery done and am on the mend now. About 8 more weeks and I will be back to cooking.

Yes my work was cool with the modified work and I am very happy with there behavior during this situation. There workers comp insurance has not been affected by my claim as I work for a very large company which has been paying the max for years,

The frustrating part is the insurance company itself as there job is to not pay out on claims if at all possible. I figure they paid 3 to 4 times the cost of the surgery in denying this claim.

I guess that is whats called insurance nowadays.....................

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