wooly pigs

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Missouri has started raising wooly pigs aka mangelistas with more fat than meat....apparently they are butchered in an Austrian way instead of typical American.

oodles of lard.....

Anyone ever worked with one? What'd you make?

Where'd you get it? Got Pix?
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I'm the owner of the company Wooly Pigs, the main producer of Mangalitsa pigs in America. Wooly Pigs raises Mangalitsa pigs in Missouri. Swiss Meat and Sausage Company in Swiss Missouri process them, as shown here:


Please note that the breed is spelled "Mangalitsa". That rhymes with pizza. There is no "list" in "Mangalitsa".

Jimmy Fiala's restaurants in St. Louis have bought quite a bit. Monarch Restaurant in St. Louis has also bought some. Debbie Gold, at the American Restaurant in Kansas City has bought half a pig before.

There are probably some other Missouri customers; those are just the ones I know about.
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Thanks for responding Heath.  I hope your field trip tomorrow is successful.  Let me know when you're up for Swiss 2, there are several chefs in STL that would love to have a quick "class" in Austrian butchery.....we're pretty low maintanence.....several with large restaurants & charcuterie backgrounds....well and charcuterie plates on their menus. 
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