Woody Allen about French Kitchen

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Oh I love humorous Americans!!

Woody Allen in the Press Conference he gave in the context of the International Film Festival in Cannes-France among other things he made a special reference to the French Cuisine!!

It was very funny because he was narrating how fascinating he finds the French Kitchen all this snakes, horses, dogs Frenchmen eat :lol:
And he encouranged them not to be embarassed about those things. It's French so it's perfect!!!

You can listen to some part of the Press Conference in the official site of the Festival

Festival International du film de Cannes
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I have always been a huge fan of Woody Allen..the perfect New Yorker ;) (whatever that means!)

In one of his movies (I think Manhatten) he had brought home some lobsters to cook with Diane Keaten, well one of the lobsters fell behind the refridgerator and Allen melted some drawn butter and started to try to Shoe the lobster out of it's hiding place by thinking the crustacian would be afraid of the butter (classic Allen)
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The lobster scene is from "Annie Hall" - one of my favorite movies!
Did you ever see "Sleeper" where he wakes up in the future to discover that steak, cigarettes and chocolate cake are actually good for you!!!

I love Woody Allen.
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Sleeper!! Dont' forget the gigantic veggies: celery, carrots...

I think he wasn't funny for much longer after Sleeper. I did love "Take the Money and Run"- you have to watch that about 4 times to catch all the subtle sight gags and hidden jokes in the backgrounds of the shots, but it's worth it.
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I feel in love with Woody Allen after first watching "Bananas"

I'll never forget Howard Cosselle doing the play by play next to allens bed while he's making love!!!

Also the take out scene with the wheelbarrel, after wheel barrel of food. I think that scene was bananas?

Also the orgasmitron, and when he sneezes while those guys are snifing cocaine and he blows it all over the place :D
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I can remember barely being able to catch my breath during Sleeper. I have some real mixed feelings about Woody Allen. He is definitely the quinessential New Yorker but the whole sex scandal thing regarding his adopted daughter had me more than a little concerned. I don't think a "regular guy" would have gotten away with that. There are many families, recognized as families without the benefit of legal documents, who were probably more than a little grossed out over it.

He has, however, been there for New York City for many years before it was actually chic to do so.
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